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  • A Professional Math Tutor With a Ph.D. Degree in Math for Face-to-Face and   Online Math Tutoring

Online Math Tutoring:

Online math tutoring via the apps Skype, and Zoom is my option when the student is not reachable for face-to-face tutoring.
My Skype ID:
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I have a pen tablet connected to my computer and I share my computer screen with my tutee using Skype, so the student can see and hear what I write and say, ask questions, and can evaluate student learning progress. Then, I email the class notes to my student.
Tutoring online is as good as face-to-face and even better, because:
(1) We can copy and paste the repeated parts in tutoring without needing to rewrite them. So the time is saved in tutoring.
(2) One can erase, or move a note, and the notes are still legible!
(3) I use different mathematics software and markup languages such as “Maple” and “Matlab” installed on my computer and share them with my students. That makes the topics more understandable and joyful.
(4) Printing and reprinting the notes, and carrying them is easy and the titring notes are always in hand.
(5) The student saves time and money because there is no need to leave home to meet the tutor!
To check online tutoring, I will give you a free 10-minute trial of online tutoring!
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