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My Math Tutoring Classes for Calculus I Tutoring include:

       UBC Math 100, UBC Math 102, UBC Math 104, UBC Math 110, UBC Math 180,  UBC Math 184, SFU Math 150, SFU Math 151, SFU Math 154, SFU Math 157:

My Math Tutoring Classes for Calculus II, III, and IV Tutoring include:

        UBC Math 101, UBC Math 103, UBC Math 105, UBC Math 200, UBC Math 317, and SFU Math 152, SFU Math 155, SFU Math 251:
Here are some of my math tutoring Notes for calculus tutoring:
Limits and Continuity of Functions, Derivative of Functions, Chain Rule of One variable Functions, Local Extremum of a  Function, Logarithmic Functions.
Integration and Anti Derivatives of one variable Functions, Definite Integral, Integration By Parts, Trigonometric Substitution Integration, Rational Functions Integrations, Sequences and Series, Taylor Series.
Several Variable Functions, Local Extrema of Two-Variable Functions and Lagrange Multipliers, Polar Coordinates, Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates, Double Integrals of two variable Functions, and Triple Integrals of three Variable Functions.

My Samples Math Tutoring Notes of Calculus I, II, III, and IV Tutoring

 By Parts Integration
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