Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Dr. Sam Azizi, a very experienced professional individual math tutor with a Ph.D. in mathematics doing private math tutoring. To keep the high quality of tutoring, I have no tutor employees, and all of the tutoring is done by myself solely! Each year, I accept a short list for school math tutoring and university math tutoring from Grade 4 school up to the last year of university!

In detail, I tutor:

School Math Tutoring Grades 4 to 12 Including IB And AP Programs, Pre-Calculus 11, Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus, And Math Competitions

    •  University Math Tutoring Including:

    • Entrance Exams Tutoring Including:

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Dr. Sam Azizi

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If you are looking for the best math tutor to improve your math skills, understand math better, and raise your math grades, with a reasonable payment, then you are at the right place!

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About Me: Dr. Sam Azizi:

  • Full-Professor Of Mathematics With A Ph.D. In Math

  • 15 Years Of Experience As A Full-Time University Faculty

  • 14 Years Of Experience Of Full-Time Math Tutoring a Very Broad Range of School Math Courses  Including Calculus, AP Calculus, IB Math Courses, School Math Grades 4 to 12 & College Math Courses & University Math Courses such as Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Calculus IV, Matrix Algebra, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, …  

  • A Knowledgeable Math Tutor For Entrance Exams such as  SAT General, SAT Math Subject Test Level 2, GMAT, and GRE

 MacM 101 Tutoring, SFU Math 150 Tutoring, SFU Math 151 Tutoring, SFU Math 152 Tutoring, SFU Math 154 Tutoring, SFU Math 155 Tutoring SFU Math 157 Tutoring, SFU Math 158 Tutoring, SFU Math 251 TutoringSFU Math 232 Tutoring, SFU Math 240 TutoringSFU Math 340

  • Capilano University Math Tutoring Courses Including Capilano University MATH 105 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 108 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 109 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 116 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 124 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 126 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 200 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 230 Tutoring, Capilano University MATH 235 Tutoring.

  • Langara College Math Tutoring Courses Includes: Langara College MATH 1174 Tutoring, Langara College Math 1271 Tutoring, Langara College Math 1274 Tutoring, Langara College Math 2362 Tutoring, Langara College Math 2371 Tutoring

  • Columbia College Math Tutoring Courses Includes: Columbia College MATH 112 Tutoring, Columbia College MATH 120 Tutoring, Columbia College MATH 213 Tutoring, Columbia College MATH 230 Tutoring, Columbia College MATH 232 Tutoring

  • Douglas College Math Tutoring Courses Includes: Douglas College MATH 1120 Tutoring, Douglas College MATH 1125 Tutoring, Douglas College MATH 1130 Tutoring, Douglas College MATH 1191 Tutoring, Douglas College MATH 1220 Tutoring, Douglas College MATH 1225 Tutoring, Douglas College MATH 2232 Tutoring

  • Alexander College Math Tutoring Courses Includes: Alexander College MATH 104 Tutoring, Alexander College MATH 105 Tutoring, Alexander College MATH 151 Tutoring, Alexander College MATH 152 Tutoring, Alexander College MATH 232 Tutoring, Alexander College MATH 251 Tutoring, Alexander College MATH 255 Tutoring

  • Coquitlam College Math Tutoring Courses Includes: Coquitlam College MACM 101 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 100 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 101 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 102 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 103 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 104 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 201 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 215 Tutoring, Coquitlam College MATH 232 Tutoring


Temporary Promotional Tutoring Rate: $55 to $65 Per Hour

For One-On-One Private Tutoring

(for a limited time only)

The rate depends on the course level and difficulty and the date of appointment!

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